Single track- 2 Pennies 

Sounds like a ballad of the unknown...

Lyrics by waNda wilsoN (Socan) 

waNda wilsoN  Vox / Guitar 

Karen Shepherd  Violin 

Cover Photography  waNda wilsoN 

Cover Design  Adam Halstrom 

Engineered, mixed, mastered by Adam Halstrom @ pollution lake sound 

Produced by waNda wilsoN 

2009 Under Donald 

With debut project Under Donald, you won't hear a polished performance with clean mixes and subtle fadeouts. What you will experience is a truly unique musical collaboration that connected and came together live, while remaining completely intact and fully raw. It is what it is. As someone described it, "beautifully imperfect".

Low on dough yet high on drive, debut project Under Donald slowly took shape as a labour of love, becoming the fruits of spent time and relentless hard work. While recording, people stopped, clapped, danced, cheered, and donated. Money earned from the 'guerilla' underground performances paid for the recordings and final mastering.

Self released debut project Under Donald was awarded most unique album of the week in 2009 by CBC's Up to speed radio show host Margaux Watt. 

waNda wilsoN- lyrics, guitar, vocals

Scott Young-drums

Recorded by waNda wilsoN, Scott Young.

"Mastered by Adam Halstrom @ pollution lake sound"

Daryl Malone-Photography

Lyrics by waNda wilsoN (Socan)

CD Cover by waNda wilsoN and Adam Halstorm (pollution lake sound).

Produced by waNda wilsoN

2 Pennies

Available on itunes

Under Donald

Available on itunes

Margaux Watt- CBC Radio "Very Cool"

Broose- Beer for breakfast 97.9 Kick FM

"That's so Winnipeg!"