Biography - waNda wilsoN

waNda wilsoN's sound is an eclectic mix of raw and sweet. It is a musical approach that has been described as bold and courageous.

With Cree roots from northern Manitoba, Canada, wilsoN's material embodies strength, humor, hope and pain in her own alternative way. Now living in Winnipeg, Manitoba, wilsoN is known to welcome and explore almost any artistic idea she can find into her work. She is passionate, optimistic and determined to work with what she has; her sound has been described by many as raw and edgy. The approach is out of the ordinary and pretty damn cool. Whether she's using a homemade amp fashioned from an old suitcase, custom drum kit pieced together one skin at a time, or some obscure outdoor location, wilsoN's tendency to 'make do' conveys a style that speaks for itself. With a hint of folk-rock sprinkled with a smidgeon of garden-punk, she constructs an alternative blend of music meant to be heard. While sharing the stage with many talented musicians, wilsoN continues to seek, create and walk forward on her journey, wherever she may roam.


It was the realization that music can be a great healer and teacher that lead wilsoN to her path. From Opaskwayak Cree Nation, the gravel roads to discovering her true calling were long, winding, and not easy. wilsoN embraced an infinite challenge to learn from life's lessons and in some significance to learn to trust the unknown.


Under Donald is as real as music gets, and as authentic as waNda wilsoN herself. Not a natural performer by any means, wilsoN admits to sometimes feeling uncomfortable in the spotlight when she first gets up on stage, but as soon as she starts to play something happens. With each passing moment, and each new strum, the nervousness melts away. She learns to let go and just go with it. Like a tenacious little weed pushing through a crack in the concrete next to a garden full of flawless flowers, her presence is undeniable. Beautifully imperfect, perhaps.

Although it took a while to show herself to the world, waNda wilsoN is finally on her way, doing what she was destined to do creating, allowing herself to move forward. For right now, there's no question she's in the driver's seat, with one thing for certain. Wherever this waNderer goes, her talent continues to grow...

Rob Lindsay- The Opasquia Times

"It's hard to pin her down to any one style of music".

"brings an intellectual honesty to her music".

Veronica Johnny - The Johnnys

"Be prepared to laugh and cry at the same time. For me, waNda wilsoNs lyrics are as reminissent and powerful as Dylans" .